5 fandom friday // Geeks Who Inspire Me

This was a fun, but difficult list to make. But here are 5 geeks who inspire me!

  1. Dodger, from youtube channel PressHeartToContinue
    I first discovered Dodger in a few parody music videos, and I absolutely loved how she looked. Sorry, but she is kinda hot! After a few months, I discovered she had her own youtube channel, with a lot of views and subscribers. She just does what she wants to do, and with that she has complete swept me away. Awesome chick!
  2. Felicia Day, Youtube Channel Geek & Sundry
    A geek with an acting career, how awesome is that? Hell, she even had a role on SuperNatural, and I find this SO awesome! The first thing I ever saw of her, was her “The Guild” series. It really spoke to me, and even her videos now still speak to me. It’s relatable!

  3. My bunch of weird cosplay, convention, geeky friends.
    I LOVE YOU GUYS ❤ Just saying, with this bunch of friends it’s never boring. They have fandoms, they fangirl/fanboy, they game, they have the same sense of humor, and they understand my references! HELLO huge plus! So they deserve to be on this list <3!
  4. Bloggers
    All you lovely bloggers also deserve to be on this list. Your posts inspire me to geek going, and geek making these posts!

    Since I added two groups in here, I decided to stop at 4. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed my list!


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