Geektalk // Supernatural Season 6, Episode 15

My stomach can’t handle this anymore. This episode of Supernatural is too much for me! So I need to blog about it. Like always: Spoiler alert!

So, I’m sick in bed and decided to catch up on Supernatural episodes, only to laugh so hard my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore. I’m talking about the 15th episode of season 6: The french mistake.

There is breaking the 4th wall, and then there is the french mistake. I’ve been watching Jensen and Jared playing Sam and Dean, playing Jensen and Jared, playing Sam and Dean. I didn’t know I could laugh for so long! But I absolutely love it.

And can we talk about Misha for a bit? And the fact that he ACTUALLY tweeted those tweets? No kidding, I’ve been looking all over the internet, and I actually found them!

I really like the fact that Supernatural breaks the 4th wall so much. And just those silly episodes are my absolute favorites!


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