GeekTalk // Steven Universe

Oh my god. I love the friend who showed me this, because now I have a new obsession. Like I needed a new one.. But seriously, I love this new show! If you don’t want to be spoilered, you’re warned!

When my friend came up to me telling me about this amazing new show she had found, I didn’t really think a lot of it. I saw the trailer, and that was it for a few weeks. That was until I had a sleepover at her home, and now I’m addicted. I think that says enough!

This series is absolutely queer-friendly. The gems are genderless, which really speaks to me! The gems do identify mostly as females though, but there is such a big variety of characters! And to top it all off.. WE HAVE A BIG LESBIAN ALIEN FROM OUTER SPACE. And I am loving it.

Also the character development is absolute love. They don’t really rush it, they give it time and lots of it. They show characters making mistakes and it can take a couple of episodes to fix it. They have emotions I can relate to, and that is what makes this show so good in my opinion.

And then the gems themselves. Just the fact that they actually did not give them ANY genitals are sooo amazing. Look at them, they’re as flat as a board (Especially Pearl, the one with the short hair that looks like a ballet dancer). And Rose (Steven’s mother) actually gave her live for him because gems have to be born out of gems. And there is loads of other cool stuff they got into the series.

In short: Go watch it. It’s amazing.


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