GeekTalk // GoT Season 5

As I happily skipped through the episodes each week, enjoying it time and time again, I didn’t notice that it was already the season finale when I reached episode 10. This article contains spoilers about Game Of Thrones Season 5. You are warned.

I’ve seen many of my favorite characters die this season. For example my dear villain Joffrey Baratheon. It was very painfull to see him go. The sentence “Life sucks and then you die” seems to fit this TV show more and more. I’ve gotten so many feels while watching this episode that I can barely take it. And now they expect me to wait until Spring 2016? Somebody, build me a time machine!

Let’s talk about episode 10, shall we? To me this was the most shocking finale yet. Due that they killed off all that remained of my favorite characters. Or at least, it looks like they killed them off! I pretty much believe that my dear Jon Snow is dead, after he saved all those people. Good work karma! And either Arya went blind or they killed her off too.I hope she just went blind… At least she killed that bastard Meryn, who totally deserved to be stabbed in the eye!

The show ended with Jon getting attacked by his brothers from the Night Watch, and to my surprise, Olly was with them! Olly, how could you? I trusted you! Jon was repeatedly stabbed and I could feel each and every stab go through me as I watched one of my favorite characters die. At least, he looks dead. But with game of Thrones you never know! Jon should have never send Sam away, because Sam would have protected his friend! But on the other hand, it might have been the right decision. I heard that Kit Harington confirmed he won’t be joining the cast for season 6. But I secretly hope that he’ll reappear in season 7!

Next up is Cersei’s walk of shame. Can I just say how much I enjoyed watching this? She got stripped naked, her pretty hair shaved and then had to walk through the city. Ahh, sweet justice! Though her daughter Myrcella’s death was really sad, especially for Jaime. The scene was so sweet! Well, be could have seen this one coming though.

There were so many cliffhangers in this finale, that I already find it very difficult to wait for spring 2016, and I have just finished the finale! How will Arya cope with her blindness? What about Sansa & Theon? Did they survive that incredibly high fall? And what about Deanerys? Did Brienne actually kill Stannis or does it only looks that way? What will Cersei do with the High Sparrow now? We all know of her short temper and this action just asks for revenge! At least Tyrion survived, and that, I’ll treasure.

What did you think of the season finale of GoT?


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