5 fandom friday // 5 Nerdiest Things You’ve Ever Done

I’m behind on my posts again! So I’ll be gradually posting some of these that I missed. Sorry I couldn’t post for so long, but I’m back again! Here are the 5 nerdiest things I’ve ever done!

1) Staying up all night to watch the E3 Conference Live
Yes, I’ve done this many times, and regretted it the next morning. I would turn into some kind of zombie because I did this. But hey, the E3 conference is awesome and I didn’t want to miss a thing! Now I only stay up untill 11 PM and watch the ones after that the next day.

2) Watch a whole season in one day
I am the kind of person who would stay up all day, and watch a whole season. 9 out of 10 times I need to wait months untill the next one comes out, and then I would religiously watch the new episode every week. But with Super Natural & Doctor Who I can just keep going because I’m so far behind that I can just keep watching! Yay!

3) Marathon Gaming
I’ve once spend a whole weekend, and then I mean starting friday evening and finishing sunday evening, gaming. I think I had like 6 hours of sleep in total and I ended up being a total zombie. But it was totally worth it!

4) Going to conventions, meet-ups. Mostly in cosplay, lolita or another japanese-inspired-dressing style.
I am the kind of girl that’ll go to conventions in style. At least, I’ll try to! I’ll either cosplay, dress in lolita or pick out cute dresses that go with the so called ‘kawaii’ clothing style. Just to roam around in the dealer room, kick asses in the gaming room and just be a total geek and fangirl occasionally.

5) Being myself
Dressed in fandom-shirts, quoting books, movies, comics, anime & manga. Laugh at tumblr-related jokes. We’ve all gotta admit, the nerdiest thing we can do is being out nerdy self! And we’ve got to love it!


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