5 Fandom Friday // Your 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows

Yes, Yes, I know, I know! My 5 fandom friday is very very late, but I have good reasons for it! The reason is called school! So here is my belated “5 most Binge Worthy Shows”

This was a difficult one, since I watch soo many shows! But after thinking about it for a while, I finally made my decisions!

1) Daria
Daria is and always will be one of my favorite shows! I just love the sarcastic humor in this series, and it’s totally up my lane! Go Daria!

2) Scrubs
And if we’re talking about comedy in tv shows, then I already end up in Scrubs! I love this series, have seen it way too many times and laugh like a crazy person every time it even enters my field of vision. Yeap,, I’m hooked!

3) Charmed
So.. I’ve seen this series just as much as I’ve seen Scrubs, I followed it as a teenager… Everytime I’m bored my brain goes “Hey, let’s rewatch Charmed again! It isn’t as if you didn’t see it a million times already.” So there it goes again!

4) Game of Thrones
Lots of blood, lots of death people, lots of anything violent and lots of naked bodies.. I just love watching this show, I can’t help it! I think I’ve watched every season in like a day time…

5) Sherlock
The only series on which I can claim I’ve watched every and every single episode in one go in one day and my brain survived. Normally I would need a break, but with this one I went “Ok, next.” within a second.. And I might have watched every episode like.. 7 or 8 times? Probably more, haha!


6) House MD
I added a 6th one, because this one belongs in the main list, and not the honorable mentions. Gotta love Gregory House!

And now the honorable mentions!

As a huge fan of fairy tales I first thought I would hate this series. I couldn’t be more wrong, I love it!

Once Upon A Time
And while we’re talking about fairytales, let’s throw this one in the mix as well! I absolutely love it and follow it every week for years already!

American Horror Story
I’m a huge horror fan, and a this one has quite a bit of horror elements. It deserves a mention for sure!

Orange is the New Black
A series that seriousl;y got to me,.. It gave me so many feels, I cried, I squeeled…

And the last of the honorable Mentions had to be SuperNatural. Gotta love Dean’s adorable face!


2 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday // Your 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows

  1. Wendy Wayne says:

    Scrubs and House MD are two of my favorite shows. I thought House had such a great ending. Scrubs however, I feel that the last season of that was complete rubbish, but that’s just my opinion 🙂


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