5 Fandom Friday // Favorite Fictional Moms

This week it’s time for my Favorite Fictional Moms! This will be fun, so let’s get started!

1) Marge Simpson
I think Marge is a really good starter for this list! She puts up with Homey, keeps bart in check, and on top of that has Lisa and Maggy as her daughters. ❀ She’s absolutely one of my favorite Fictional Moms and has to be on this list!

2) Linda Belcher
This happy-go-lucky mom has so much love for her kids, and on top of that she’s just sooooo adorable! You’re on the list, Linda!

3) Elastigirl
She’s a bit of a feminist in my eyes, and on top of that, a really good mother. She always tries to do the best for her children, and even let her use her as a boat! Yay! You go Elastigirl!

4) Kitty Forman
Kitty has such a great devotion for her children, and on top of that she’s from the 70’s show. That’s a huge plus in my book! Β She’s witty, and has the most amazing quotes from the whole show! You gotta love Kitty!

5) Catelyn Stark
As a big Game Of Thrones fan, this one had to be included! I think of Game of Thrones like “Stark Children Not Listening To Her Mother”. Because that’s exactly what it is! This mother is the queen of mothers, because she will litteraly do everything for her children. She is no-nonsense and a great strategist. I love this mom!

And now, the honorable mentions!

Edna Turnblad

I just love to see how she gets out of her shell just like Tracy. It’s just such a great thing to see how mother and daughter go on that journey together!

Molly Weasly
Molly has so much motherly warmth, and on top of that gave birth to 7 children and actually put up with them! You got to admit, Fred and George themselves already were a handfull! Not only does she has love for her children, but also Harry, Hermione and the whole order of Phoenix!


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