100 days of being GC&H Week 5: Exercise & Health

So, since week 4 was a catching up week, I did week 3 then. And this week it’s about Exercise & Health!

Day 29: What healthy goals do you want to create?
– Eat healthier, for at least 3 days a week.
– Do exercises once a week.. Instead of watching another episode of whatever series I’m watching.
– Cut back on the sugary snacks, or the bags of chips…
– Get out of my room to go on a walk or something.. Something about fresh air.

Day 30: Change one thing about the way you start your mornings.
Something about actually having breakfast instead of settling with coffee.. Cereal sounds fine to me!

Day 31: Choosing one those workouts based on tv shows.

House MD workout - get in shape while watching House M.D.

I did it for like one epiosde.. then watched 3. And then did it for another episode. It actually works quite well and I might do it for more shows!

Day 32:  *Focusing on something other than fruits and veggies* What three items is your go to junk food?
Actually.. that would be any sugary snack I could find in the grocery closet here. For example chocolate chip cookies, oh how I love those! Or Wonka Nerds! Yay, those are delicious! And other then that sweet paprika chips are also delicious!

Day 33: What is your least favorite exercise? Why?

Those are push-ups, since I simply can’t do them! I think they are horrible, they hurt my back and my shoulders. Also.. I have a bad back so.. they are pretty hurtfull for my back since it puts too much strain on it…

Day 34: What words inspire you to keeps you moving every day?

I have this thing for quotes. 🙂 So I have a whole bunch of these!

Day 35: What on your playlist that makes you want to get up and dance?
I have quite a big playlist.. So choosing one was difficult. Soooo…. I choose a few of them!

1) The Guild – I’m the one that’s cool
2) Cascada – The Rhythm of the night
3) Lenka – The Show
4) Avril Lavigne – Freak Out


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