100 days of being GC&H Week 3: Comic Book Love

I can’t believe it’s already week 3 of this amazing ‘100 days of being Geek, Chiq & Healthy’. It’s still so much fun to do, and this might be my favorite yet! Comic book love!

<Image by the nerdy birdie>

Day 15: Choose two heroines and create outfits based on them
The  heorines I choose are: Raven & Rogue.

Rogue Casual Outfit
Raven Casual Outfit


Day 16: Choose two female villains and create outfits based on them
Oh that’s an easy one! Harley Quinn for starters, and Mystique!

Harley Quinn Casual


Mistique Casual Outfit

Day 17: Talk about your favorite comic book; why do you love it and how does it inspire you?
The teen titans for sure. First of all.. Raven is in here, and starfire. Which are two of my favorite DC characters. And second of all, I just like the fact that they are all teenagers.  I like the fact that events from the real world has been brought in the comic. Also, the teenagers learn to deal with adult problems, even though most of those adult problems are adult super hero problems, it’s still a big plus! It inspires me that everybody still has to learn, even superhero’s.. So why not an ordinary girl like me?

Day 18: Focusing on the true heroes of comic books; who is your favorite comic book artist?
My favorite Comic Book Artist is Brian Bolland.  He has created one of the most amazing and iconic images of the Joker, who is my absolute favorite badguy of all time! His work had a pretty big impact on the actor who played the joker in “The Dark Knight”! That’s an awesome acomplishment if you ask me!

Day 19:  Create your own alter ego in a comic book world.
I would be an anti-hero, for sure! I’ll be all about the good of the world, but I would still do it my own way and don’t really listen to anything and go by my own morals and stuff. I think I’ll be pretty much just like I am now.. A weird geek girl that’ll sit in her dark room, playing games. Only I’ll be playing games against super villains and kick their ass for sure!

Day 20: What three comic book ladies are your favorite and why?
I think I’ll go with Harley Quinn, Mystique and Rogue. Ok.. Let’s throw Raven in the mix as well. There is a reason why I choose them for the outfits.. Harley Quinn is just so loyal to the Joker, even though he’s a complete nutjob. But you just have to love these two! At least I do..
And Mystique.. I just like her history. And the fact that she became Rogue’s adoption mom is hella cute! Besides that.. I have a thing for dark characters, and Mystique being a double spy certainly does the trick!
Next is Rogue! She has so many different versions of her Past, I like that kind of things. It makes me want to figure it ALL out! And I just think her powers are way too awesome!
And last, but not least, Raven! She is the daughter of a human and a Demon, which gives her bonus points in my book! She is also my favorite character from the Teen Titans.. Which I totally love!

Day 21: Choose a male character that you like. Why do like him?
Tony stark. I have this thing for sarcastic assholes. The thing about him wat intrigues me the most, is the fact that he has a heart condition. True, it’s a  piece of granate that’s stuck in his heart, but it’s still quite something. It inspires me that even with a condition you can do great things!


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