Being Bored // Mega Geek Girl Creator

So.. I’m sick at home this week.. And that means I played a lot of games, I am up-to-date with all my webcomics, watched way too much youtube and played random games I found on the internet! One of those games was the Mega Geek Girl Creator.. Yeah don’t ask, but it was fun! I created myself!

  photo MyStyle 7_zpsoveqcskz.jpg

So I decided to create outfits I would actually wear.. And also, note the totally accurate laptop on the background with Tumblr!

 photo MyStyle 6_zps4ugf9wyq.jpg  photo MyStyle 3_zpsemqbkdxe.jpg

 photo MyStyle 1_zpsjll52evz.jpg  photo MyStyle 4_zpsleeomgl5.jpg

I want that mario shirt! For real! And that coat, and that Real Life Noob sweater, and that dress with that hat.. I want ittttt!

 photo MyStyle 2_zpschzhz17m.jpg  photo MyStyle 5_zpsyqffhazb.jpg

And these are the last two. I would love each and every one of these outfits, because I would actually wear them! Did you already encounter this dress-up game? I thought it was a lot of fun on such a boring day!


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