100 Days of BGC&H Week 2: The home behind the blogger

So it’s time for week 2, and I’m really excited to do this one! This week it’s about the home behind the blogger! Sounds like a lot of fun!

<Image by the nerdy birdie>

Day 8: What do your dream home or room to look like?
Since I’m a student, I’ll probably be living in a room for the coming few years. But what would I like my room to look like? Since I’m bad at explaining, I decided to use a few pictures to show you!

A big tv and a tv furniture thingy which can fit my games, my consoles, my computer (if I would decide to use this) and my figurines. I actually want the one showed in the picture above, because it’s soooo dreamy!

I want bookshelves.. And then I want these kind of bookshelves, so I can fit more figurines on them. And I’ll fill them with manga and books! And I want a glass vitrine for my more expensive figurines!

Also, this picture illustrates perfectly that I am a sucker for posters! I would frame them and then put them on the walls, because I like the look of that! But I think it’ll look perfect!

And last, but not least, I would like a simple bed (but for two persons, instead of 1 person) and a huge window to look out into the streets. My favorite place would be high up, so I guess an apartment, maybe? And I would like space under my bed for storage.

Next to that, I want a BIG closet. I’m a sucker for clothes, so.. yeah.. that’s also kinda neccesary, I guess!

Day 9: Find Three your favorite DIY Tips to help organize your home in a way that is a little different.


1) A stairs storage space!
I still think it’s a DIY tip.. because when you’re handy you can do it yourself! Haha. I just think this way of putting your jacket storage looks sooo cute!

2) A workingspace in a closet
How fun does this look? I just love the idea of pulling open a closet and having this work space in there! For me it would be a cosplay work space, for sure!

3) Colorful drawers
This way or orginizing your drawers and marking them with these cute paper thingies looks absolutely adorable!

Day 10: Show off your home workspace

It’s small, but it’s enough for me!

Day 11: Choosing one the DIY tips from day 9, create it and post on your progress on it .

Since I don’t have money.. I can’t do this one, sadly enough. But if I had to choose one, I would choose 3! 🙂 Because it’s the least expensive, haha!

Day 12: What dream it is a must want for your home?
All the things I mentioned at day 8, to be honest!

Day 13: What are some of your favorite spring cleaning tips?
Simply.. DO IT. I am the type that simply keeps postponing it untill I have no other choice and then I have so much work on my hands that it’s cry-worthy. Then I would do it all in one day, and be happy it’s done. So my actual advice would be, make a plan and do a little bit everyday until you’re done.

Day 14: What advise do have those who want live a organized simplistic life?
Choose a way or organizing that fits you, don’t try to squeeze yourself into something you’re not. Try out a few things, quit them, try new things.. Untill you’ve found the right thing for you!


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