5 fandom friday // Games I Love To Play

I am a huge gamer, so selecting 5 games that I love to play was quite difficult. But in the end, I’ve chosen these 5!

I am quite a derpy gamer, so in this list you’ll see games from which you’ll think “Why did you even PLAY that?” well.. because I wanted to!

1) Surgeon Simulator
Because everybody in their right mind would want me as their doctor! Yes! Totally! … I just love ripping peoples intestines out and replacing them.. And it’s just a really fun game!

2) Goat Simulator
Next to being a doctor, I also LOVE being a goat. Just making friends and headbutting them, breaking their legs. Did you know you can’t die by falling off the highest building-thingy? I tried it! It’s just such a not-good-for-anything game, but it’s highly entertaining!

3) Orcs Must Die 2
I love to kill things, and in this game I can do it together with my boyfriend! Playing this game is our variation on the date night. What’s more romantic then killing orcs? *Romantic Sigh*

4) Plague Inc
This one had to be on the list! In this game you’re a disease and you have to infect everybody in the world and then you’ll kill them all! YAY! Destroying humanity and stuff! Doesn’t that sound fun? It isn’t as easy as it sounds though, since you have this little bastard called a cure that’ll destroy you, so you have to play it smart and remain unnoticed for the biggest part of the game, before you can destroy everybody.

5) Anti Chamber
Anti-chamber must be the weirdest and most brain-fuck game I’ve ever played, but it’s quite addicting! You have to roam around in this huge.. whatever it is, discovering all kinds of rooms, entrances, hallways and whatevers. It’s difficult to describe but it’s lots of fun! It’s so fun to figure stuff out and complete the puzzles and stuff!

And now.. The honorable mentions!

Legend of Zelda – Phantom hourglass

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga – Endless Frontier

Pokemon – Litteraly ALL the pokemon games!

Rune Factory – All 4 the rune factory games!


One thought on “5 fandom friday // Games I Love To Play

  1. Neri says:

    Yay for some Goat Simulator love! Have you tried the MMO version of it? It was so freakin’ hilarious, and I loved how they pulled the mickey out of the genre, but alas, the camera on that game makes me feel ill 😥

    Awesome post!


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