5 fandom friday // Fictional BFFS

So yes, this one is from a while back already, but I didn’t do it yet! I decided to do a few of these 5 fandom fridays on random days because they are so much fun to do! So here’s my 5 fictional BFFS!

First of all, I’m quite a social person! I like to talk, go to parties, dance around, just have fun and get to know people. You can say I’m quite an extrovert. But sometimes I just like to sit inside of my room and just be on tumblr all day or watch episode after episode of a serie. I think you’ll see that in my Fictional BFFs as well!

1) Daria
So yeah, the first one is Daria. She actually has the same sarcastic humor as me, has the same obsession with pizza, and we have a couple of other things in common. We’ll probably be making sarcastisch comments 50% of the time, and the other 50% of our time, we’ll be out eating some pizza!

2) Lisa Simpson
She reads books, is a bit of a geek, intelligent, brave and so much more! We’ll discuss books together, have lots of fun, talk about lots of stuff and everything in between!

3) Wednesday Addams
I loved this creepy little girl ever since I was a creepy little girl myself! So of course she would be one of my fictional bffs! I might not hate the whole world, but i probably dislike a big part of it! So we can talk about random evil plans I guess? Yeah, that sounds like fun!

4) Dean Winchester
We got things to bond over! His car, his taste in music, his adorable face! Yeah.. we can bond over that! And we both have this witty kind of humor that we can throw around in others faces.

5) Charlie Bradbury
She’s witty, nerdy, adorable to booth, looks amazing, simply cute, and she’s soooooo much like me! I love her to bits, she’s just such a nice nerdy geeky person!  We would get drunk at Comic Con together for sure! Especially since we have a Dutch Version of Comic Con now! Yay!

Honorable mentions:

Olaf. I just love this derpy little snowman to bits! ❤

Anna. More frozen stuff! Yay! She’s so quirky and derpy and cute.. And energetic! I think she can actually bouncy with me!

Toothless. Somebody, get me my own Toothless!!!! Such a cute little dragon!


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