5 fandom friday // Favorite Theme Park Rides

So.. It’s friday again, and that means another 5 Fandom Friday! This time I’ll be talking about my favorite Theme Park Rides! For this list, I’ll only be mentioning those I actually have been on!

Since I haven’t been to that much themeparks -note the sarcasm- this list will be very easy to make -even more sarcasm-. So, here we go!

1) Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris!
I am a horror lover, so this one HAD to be on the list! I went to Disneyland once, and I’ve been on this ride so much and I fell in love1 Also, the story is really tragic!

2) Tower of Terror , Walt Disney Studio’s.
Next to a horror fan, I’m also a thrill seeker. And this attraction has them both! I watched the twilight zone for years and had my eyes set on this beauty since they opened it! And a few years ago I finally was able to ride it!

3) The fairytale forest,The Efteling
There is a place in the Netherlands where fairytales come to life, and it’s called The Fairytale Forest. I’ve been here so many times, loved it so dearly ever since I was young, and I continue to love it! And it keeps growing!

4) Joris and the Dragon, The Efteling
One of the newer attraction, with a huge dragon in the middle! You race against each other as water and fire. The dragon actually breaths fire! Isn’t that awesome?

5) Carnaval Festival , The Efteling
And the last one is Carnaval Festival! A bunch of dancing clowns with bright big red noses from all over the world. It’s a bit like “It’s a small world” but then… in the Netherlands!

And those are my five attractions! What are yours?


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