100 Days of BGC&H Week 1: Introducing Yourself

I decided to join this project, because it gives me something to do, something to fill my blog up with and it seems like a lot of fun! If you want to read about it, please visist Nerdy Birdie’s amazing blog!

<Image credit to Nerdy Birdy>

Appearantly, this week is about introducing myself! So here we go!

Day 1: Introduction to yourself.

Name: Angela
Age: 22
Blog: GeekyBrunette.Wordpress.com
What made you interested in this project: I saw it on a few blogs that I followed and it really sparked my interest. Especially the reason why it was started.
What do you geek about: Too much. TV series, comics, manga, anime, cartoons, movies, games.. WAY too much! Haha! I love webcomics and manga’s the most, but I also watch a lot of series and movies.. I simply geek out about everything that sparks my interest!

Day 2: If your personality was an outfit, what would it look like?

Yeah.. I didn’t end up with just one outfit, but with three! So the first outfit is this “I speak fluent sarcasm” shirt, a tattoo necklace with a ying yang pandant, a aztec bag, a leathery jacket and these fun printed sneakers! The second outfit had to be this geek shirt and that amazing necklace that I desperately NEED in my life (I’ll be hunting down Etsy for sure!), the choker, the mustache bag, and the grey sneakers.. Oh and don’t forget the beanie! And then the last outfit is a lot more girly, with the flats, the skirt and the croptop. Why does it describe me? Well.. Most of the time I’m a sarcastic little girl, that geeks out about way too much, is probably gaming, had a Xbox 360 as first self-bought console, with a girly side that sometimes comes out when she feels like it.

Day 3: If there is a book or movie that inspires your life what would it be and why?

That would be the Fault in our stars. The characters are sooo strong and are so inspirational, it just makes me cry everytime I read the book or see the movie. Just how they keep going in the situation, the whole concept.. It’s just amazing!

Day 4: What goals do you have participating in 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy?

1) See myself in a brighter light.
2) Enjoy the experience!
 Something, something, banana. I can’t think of a point 3. I’m so sorry!

Day 5: What do hope to learn from this project?

I actually hope to learn how to brighten myself up! That’s actually about it!

Day 6: How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as a fun loving young and wild spirit that is always in for a challenge. For example, I’m really afraid of boats, but I still went into a rowing boat and almost cried my eyes out, but I still did it. This also means I want to prove myself. I’m a perfectionist, I want to do everything as good as I can! I am also genderfluid, which means one day I feel like a boy, and the other I feel like a girl, another I can feel both and another day I can feel as no gender at all! This makes me tomboyish, girlish and everything in between (See my outfits for this!), but I’m mostly tomboyish. I’m also one of the guys, since I have more guy friends then girl friend ever since I can remember!

Day 7: Choose your favorite quote. Why did you choose and how does it inspire you?

This is the quote that helped me a lot through my life! I always try to look to the better side of life, look for the positive things in a situation. I may not always succeed, but I sure as hell am trying my best!


One thought on “100 Days of BGC&H Week 1: Introducing Yourself

  1. Ariel says:

    What a great first week. For the three goals, I started with five, good changed to three. I love the quote. I love all the outfits, I wanted to more than one as well but summed it up to one. I hope you’re second week is just as exciting!


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