5 Fandom Friday // Five Times I Totally Fangirled

I love this 5 fandom Friday, then I can share my top 5 fangirl moments with you guys! Here we go!

So, here we go! The five times I totally fangirled!

This way too adorable spike cosplay! I totally fangirled, made so many pictures, and you can even see me on the background doing the picture thing. Isn’t he sooo adorable?

When Emma and Hook shared their first kiss. I think they could hear my squeels 5 blocks away from my home! As a One Upon A Time fan I shipped Emma and Hook, because face it, Hook is so much hotter then Neil! And he fits perfectly together with Emma. They are so cute together!! (Secretly, this absolutely is one of my OTP’s !!!)

Actually, let me casually put this little video here. Because I fangirled every time Emma and Hook did something cute together!

Moment number three was when I heard this song. I simply can relate sooo much with this song. It’s utter perfection.

So.. imagine this.. I’m a huge movie freak, so you can find me at the cinema every friday. And suddenly, this appears on the screen. Can you hear the fangirl scream? Yeah, I can also hear it.

I actually fangirl a LOT at the cinema, because everytime a movie I absolutely loved makes a sequel and I see a trailer, I giggle, squeel and poke my best friend (who is sitting next to me) and basically order him to go watch it with me. I’m such a good friend, haha!

And the last moment is pretty much every webcomic I ever layed my eyes upon.  I actually fangirl really easily. But here is a list from the stuff I fangirl a lot about:
Katekyo hitman Reborn, Eyeshield 21, Homestuck, Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Frozen, Dispicable Me, Avengers, Comics, Anime, Manga.. … Actually it’s too much to actually make a complete list, but I think you get the idea!

So.. what do you fangirl about?


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