5 Fandom Friday // Conventions I’ve Been To Or Wish To Attend

I already saw it on a few blogs I follow, this 5 fandom friday, and decided to join in! It was originally started by superspacechick and the nerdy girlie. Here’s my first fandom friday; Conventions I’ve been to or wish to attend!

The first one I want to adress is my favorite convention here in the netherlands: Animecon! I even met Venus Angelic there, and went to one of her lectures.

I’ve met a lot of awesome people, most of them are now my friends, dressed up as cute as possible (Read: I wore lolita) and discovered that my petticoat barely fits through the toilet doors there. But I had a blast!

Abunai is my second favorite, and one of the 3 cons I attended and enjoyed! It’s also the first convention where I actually cosplayed for the first time. I remember that it was so warm, that I couldn’t wait to take it off, haha!

I can’t remember who took the pictures, so if it was you, please comment so I can credit you. Both of these cosplays are from homestuck. The first one is Jane Crocker, and the second one is my attempt at human!terezi, because I still hadn’t finished by then.. Also I didn’t really feel like painting my face and arms grey! Haha! But I sure had soooo much fun! I can remember rolling around on the grass, trying to grab something back from one of my best friends. Love those memories!

Also, have a group picture of the most awesome people I ever met! We always try to come together at these conventions and make a group picture. I believe that abunai was the biggest group we had.

Tsunacon was the very first convention I visited, and will always have a place in my heart! Mhh, that means I already go to conventions for 7 years now! Wow, time sure flies!! Tsunacon is a 1-day convention, and it’s just enough to enjoy it. It’s nice to have smaller conventions between your bigger ones!

And of course, I spend it with awesome people; The HAAMC!  Appearantly I have something for laying on the freaking ground, because there I am again! Laying on the ground at the front of the picture.. I might be the weirdest out of this bunch (And I am proud on it!)

Those were the conventions I visited and love! There are still a few conventions I want to visit, and this are two of them:

We get our very own comic con!!! I want to go so badly, but this year I can’t. It’s exactly on the birthday of my little sister. I hope to visit in 2016!

Atsusacon is a convention in Belgium, so I figured it was pretty reachable. Sadly, it’s already on my list for aged, but I still didn’t vivist. So I hope I will somewhere soon!

And this was my first 5 fandom friday! I hope you enjoyed, I sure enjoyed making it!


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