Webcomics I’m following

Some I already follow for such a long time, others I only started following a couple of weeks ago. But that doesn’t mean that I love them less. Here is a list of the webcomics that I am following!

“A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together.” And then some trolls come along, and the alpha kids, and then we have ancestors.. and so much more! I am entirely in love with this webcomic, I full out fangirl about it, I cosplay it, I read every single update and then I freak out about it. I can honestly say.. Yes, I’m a homestuck fangirl and I love every single second of it.

Ava’s Demon
My absolute number 2 favorite webcomic, even though it isn’t that long yet. Ava’s demon is about this girl who has been connected to some kind of creature at birth and forms a pack with her (the demon). Then they both have to full fill their part of the pack.
I just love the main characters, Ava & Wrathia. And secretly, I have this huge soft spot for gil and odin. Did I just pretty much sum up almost the whole cast? Yeah… Yes I did! And please.. Can Odin and Ava hook up already so I can happily squeel that my ship is sailing?

Satan & Me
A webcomic about a girl who forms a pact with satan by bleeding on a maxipad.. Yes.. periodblood, you know. It’s hilarious, it’s funny, it’s also pretty clever and updates really regulary. Oh, and as the shipper I am, I ship Nathalie & Satan untill it hurts. It’s a really cute webcomic, and I simply love the drawing style!

Snafu Comics Power Puff Girls
This one is more a doujin then a webcomic, but for me it still counts as one because it’s released on the web.. and well, it’s a comic (thank you, captain obvious). The story is about the powerpuff girls, who are being transfered into  school in megaville, since they moved along with the proffesor. Add in dexter to the mix, and like a million other characters, and you have a fangirling me about nostalgia and all that. The comic has lovely character designs, a catchy story and it’s simply fun to see my child hood characters in a new story.

Grim Tales from down below
While we’re at Snafu Comics, this is another favorite of mine! The story is about Grim jr and Mini Mandy, the children of Grim and Mandy. The two of them go on all kinds of advetures and make friends along the way. Quite a simple story, and simply so enjoyable! This was the first Snafu Comic I came across, and I have been following it for 3 or 4 years now!

monster pop!

Monster Pop
How cute can you make something? This adorably drawn comic is about two best friends and the adventures they share. Nothing special, you say? Well, it is when you add the facts that they are monsters! It’s set on an alternate earth where monsters and humans co-exist, but that doesn’t always go well.

Gunnerkrig Court
We follow Antimony and kat, two girls who attend gunnerkrigg court, a strange and mysterious school. They get into various adventures which include mythical beings and robots. I started reading this comic two years ago, and recently started rereading it. I fell in love with it all over again!

I am always looking for more webcomics to follow! I’m a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy! So if you know any, please let me know and I’ll take a look!


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