Funnies // If Videogame Companies Where Your Friends

A website I’m hanging around on a lot lately is Dorkly, and I stumbled on something seriously hilarious. So I decided to share it with all of you! I hope you guys will get a good laugh out of this! I sure did!

 photo Videogame-Companies-Are-Your-Friends-sega_zps7159bb26.jpg

 photo Videogame-Companies-Are-Your-Friends-sony_zpscec07021.jpg

 photo Videogame-Companies-Are-Your-Friends-microsoft_zps3de6a0af.jpg

 photo Videogame-Companies-Are-Your-Friends-bethesda_zps762c6508.jpg

 photo Videogame-Companies-Are-Your-Friends-EA_zpsa5b24080.jpg

 photo Videogame-Companies-Are-Your-Friends-activision_zpsee11fd75.jpg

 photo Videogame-Companies-Are-Your-Friends-zynga_zps442ee35b.jpg

 photo Videogame-Companies-Are-Your-Friends-valve_zpsd19e68a4.jpg


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